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Earth Angel Nublada's Cure

Earth Angel

Earth Angel Nublada's Cure


Softens hard tissue/breaks lumps and masses. Clears toxicity. Clears heat, dampness and turbidity. Strengthens and harmonizes digestion. Invigorates blood circulation. Tonifies and adjusts immune system


Directions: 1 level scoop 2 x per day with grain for 20 days. Discontinue for 5 days. Repeat. Dosage is for an average horse 900-1200 lbs. Decrease by 1/2 scoop for smaller horse, increase by 1/2 scoop for larger horse.

Contents: Atractylodis, Tabebuia, Lentinula, Poria, Eleutherococcus, Peony, Prunella, Trichosanthis, Houttuynia, Hedyotis, Forsythia, Lonicera, Taraxaci, Arctii, Hordei, Glycyrrhizae, Sargassum, Thallus, Arca, Graviola, Pinellia, Citri, Polyporus, Ligusticum, Lycii, Biotae, Chrysanthemi and Angelica.

4 month supply

*This product is not suitable during pregnancy!

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